our Services
For various chemical intermediates, APIs and Finished Formulations with selection of strategic sources.
Being firmly grounded in both sides of the market we are in an excellent position to be not only a supplier but a partner.
Representations of well-known world producers of Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals.
From Know-How and basic-engineering to the turnkey plant and technical assistance for more than 1000 various chemical.
Contract research is carried out within a group of companies with which FALKEM SWISS collaborates.
Our long-standing experienced professionals and our excellent relationship with the best qualified agents worldwide.
Active pharmaceutical ingredients are among our specialties. Our sourcing is specifically oriented to grant a high quality and tailor-made products.
The portfolio comprises large, top-quality intermediate groups for chemical synthesis in the pharmaceutical industry.
We select FDFs which provide our customers with high-level products and assure a competitive market position.
We source customer-focused products from leading experts in the manufacture of medical devices.
Most of our products are available from brands using the highest quality ingredients and matching control standards in all areas where the products are distributed.

FALKEM SWISS activities are mainly devoted to trading with pharmaceutical substances, new project developments and agencies.

Company is managed by Pharma Professionals, which benefits from long-standing and rich experience in this field with contacts all over the world in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals branches.

Today FALKEM SWISS has established collaborations with a chain of companies and plants located in India, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, USA and China.